Deniz Bekiş

The general idea of my ad is simple. It is based on the selling concept where the sale of product is the most important goal.
First think the consumer sees is a question asking him that he should know if his shoes are still alive. Alive is meant in two ways. One way means the quality of the costumers shows like are they still in good shape. The other point of view is meant in a fun way like got your shoes eaten by the super mean shoe monster being on the poster below.
With this knowledge you probably know why the fancy carp board monster is on the poster. Just to cause the second illusion.
Finally the last question just helps to make the monster clear.
Overall the consumer should ask one question himself: Are all my shoes still in good shape?? If he comes to the answer no hopefully he goes to next “Shoe Store” and buys a new pair of shoes.

Melissa Rojo

For my advertising I want to make a book. This is a book about how to get to the happiness, and gives you tips to achieve this.
I decided to involve product concept putting keywords for people to know that the book is about, like: "Be yourself".

Carlos de la Cruz

I use the selling concept, the selling concept is something you can survive without it, something you don't need to live. In this case I chose Red Fist, an Energetic drink.You can survive in your life without drinknig any Energetic drink. I put Federer drink this so I can promotionate my drink, thats what people want to see, famous guys drinking or eating or using whats being sold. I also put a phrase <It gives u POWER>

Matt H

The production concept and the selling concept is what best describes my advertisement. The production concept, in the way that individual pieces of the product are highlighted and available for customization, making the product appealing to customers on a more personal level. The Slogan "Free your inner musican" refers to everyone, because everyone has the potential for creativity its whether you choose to embrace it.

Dustin H.

My add represents the Production Concept. It represents this concept because the production concept is where people prefer goods and services that are widely available and cheap. My product, Invisible Ink, is currently on sale which makes it affordable. Also it is sold everywhere which makes is easily accessible to people all over the globe. These two factors of my poster makes my product fall under the category of the Production concept.

Julie H.
Here I made an ad selling red yoga pants. What I did to make my ad come to life was by applying the Product Concept to sell the product. I used terms like bold, beautiful, and you to make it seem personal and also that it will make you somehow stand out from the crowd. By using these terms, it will attract the consumer to buy it.

Kirsten S.

I used the Product Concept to make this advertisement. This is evident in the statements made inside the ad. Saying that this product offers the most international channels shows quality, which is one of the main factors in the product concept. Connecting to channels from around the world in not a service commonly offered to cable subscribers, which makes this an innovative produce. Innovation is another important point in the product concept. Saying “Satisfaction Guaranteed” shows that the company has complete confidence in the performance of the product, which will likely influence the likelihood of a consumer to buy the product.

Zoë Brimacombe

My advertisement is for a fictional social network called "Gallop". I used the product concept to create this ad, which means that I tried to imply that this product is better than others in its category. I employed this strategy through the "speech bubbles" and the phrase "everyone's talking" which make the site seem like something that everyone is into, and that it's cool because it is popular. I also used phrases like "whole new level", and "new" to show that the product is innovative. By displaying that many people enjoy using the social network, I tell the consumer that it is the one people prefer because it is of a higher quality than others.


The concept for the product is a selling concept because perfume’s are somewhat expensive when they are brand named has a celebrity style and type. Selling perfume to customer’s are hard because customers know that it is useless and a waste to buy. There is many brand and popular perfume out there and to compete with that and would be a selling concept to let customer’s know about the product and this selling concept really suit the theme and the product.

Dean M

This advertisement is using the product concept. The colors are very attention grabbing and the glowing look of the watch demonstrates features and high quality aspects that other companies may not have. This advertisement is simple and lets the watch speak for itself.

Shaq Shah

The advertisement concept that I did is selling concept. The colors represent a famous NBA team L.A. laker's and the headphone represent the star player on the team Kobe Bryant. The headphones are high quality and each of them signed by the famous player Kobe Bryant himself, by this i only put that they made 350 of them so that means that people are gonna have to order fast or else they will all be sold out, by doing that it would encourage people to buy quickly and making the product sell a lot faster then they should.


the marketing concept was experence/feeling
my inital idea was just firearms but then i thoght why not do a army surplus store and then i made the ad
i personaly like the pump action sinper rifles

Sevak Dhaliwal

I used the selling concept for my advertisement. This limited edition soccer cleat represents arguably the best soccer player in the world today, Cristiano Ronaldo. These soccer cleats represent the great accomplishments by the star player. This advertisement will sway people into buying these soccer cleats extremely quickly, as they are limited, and are made to enhance your performance on the pitch.

Bryant Klitsie

I used the Product Concept, because the product I am selling is quality. These trussed wont last 10 years they will last a life time. My ad will persuade you to come to my company because we make quality products and we have great customer service, we also offer custom built house, built to your exact specifications. All in all this ad is meant to persuade you to come order from us.

Peter Lopez - Advertisement Project.