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Posterous - easiest blogging



Apps in Education
Dr Matthew Kearney - Learning Conversations - technology in the classroom

Jason Ohler blog - digital storytelling

Kathy Schrock - critical Evaluation

Alfie Kohn

Peter Pappas


Bloom's Digital Taxonomy
& Digital Approaches

Teachers & Administrators

Chris Kennedy - Culture of Yes

Gary Kern - District Principal of Technology at West Van

Betty Gilgoff blog

Beth Still

Danita's Blog

Brian Kuhn

Jason Leslie

Page Flakes Blog

The Learning Nation - Cale Birk

Barry Janzen

Canadian History

Christopher Moore' History News

Andrew Smith

Past Tense Vancouver

Social Studies

A Blog About History

Social Studies & History Blog (US)

History & Technology Blog

Speaking of History

Phys Ed


Actualidades - Spanish language Blog

The New Paperclip - Microsoft Office tutorials


The Truth About Cars
The Consumerist