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Canadian Safety Council Awareness
By: Bruce J. Graham & Spencer Mcquillan

There are many reasons why we should be safe in the world and not because it’s to help us live.
There many things in the world that can case us pain, broken limbs, etc. which is why we get fairly upset when someone we know decides to go out and do something that can cause damage to them, others, or things around them.
The C.S.C. covers safety on many topics including;

  1. Vehicles
  2. Road safety
  3. Home Safety
  4. Children
  5. Seniors
  6. Workplace safety
  7. Sports and Active living
  8. Community Safety

All of these topics include many subtopics that talk about what to watch out for and to take into affect when someone or you are in a situation.
When you leave your home you will see many people walking, running, bike riding, skateboarding, etc. the risk of injury is very very high, it doesn’t matter what you do you have a change of being hurt or worse. Even now something could happen and cause you some amount of pain in anyway.
Safety is very important in life, some people don’t even acknowledge safety, some people believe they are impervious to pain and all ways of it. And those are the people who run into the most trouble. But even if you watch out for the dangers, it doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt.
The point that the C.S.C. try to bring across is that you should be aware of yourself, everyone around you, and everything around you.

Video Game Safety
Are video games a good way to spend your day? or is it way to suck the life out of you?
There is lots of controversies about whether video games are harmful or not but there are lots of bad things about it such as: haw addicting they can be, haw expensive they are, haw they can hurt relationships, haw distracting they are, and haw they rob you of real life experiences.
This topic is something that everyone in the world brings to the table when it becomes a problem for children’s health and mental issues. The addictiveness is a major problem facing both children and adults. Most gamers spend most of the day thinking or waiting to play more games while neglecting their responsibilities.
Everyday consoles and video games become more and more advanced which means more money. The average video game costs around $70-$100 and addicted gamers have around 20 games. A lot of gamers’ income goes into games, $5000 a year is spent on games just by one gamer.
In my opinion most men hurt there relationships by playing too much video games. Most people will not stay around for long if there watching you play games. Everyone can be ignored wither it’s your mom, dad, siblings, partners, and even kids.
With so many distracting things in life we still make it work but with video games it can end badly. Lots of gamers don’t hear anything while gaming, some walk into walls, doors and even cars. There was also an incident were a double homicide took place and the boy next door was playing videogames and didn’t hear the screams.
Life is supposed to be filled with great experiences like hokey, soccer, skateboarding, and lots more but they are robbed from gamers who can just play these sports on their console.

Through all the addictions, expenses, hurt relationships, distractions, and life experiences video games are just getting worse by the day. So ask yourself “Are video games a good way to spend your day? or is it way to suck the life out of you?”