Wednesday, September 5, 2012


1. Getting to know you - Voki? or no computer access: Game
2. My Website & Planning Course Outline
3. Motivation lesson:


1.) buy a notebook for class tomorrow
2.) watch the Motivation video again & take notes on it
3.) request to join this wiki

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Introduction - Notebooks? draw a mindmap on the first page of your notebook - based on our Getting To Know You Activity from Wednesday

1. Review Motivation video

2. Happiness Lesson: (take notes in your notebook)


- Rewatch the Happiness Advantage video and take notes
- Don't forget your notebook and binder for next class
- Remember to join the wiki

Friday, September 7, 2012

1. Review The Happiness Advantage

2. Four Colour Personality test:

Four Color Personality tests are used by companies the world over in order to create an ideal and productive working environment for its employees.

Reasearch has shown that there are only four basic personality temperaments in the world. If you know which color personality you are - you may better understand your professional role, your role in a team, how you react to certain situations and what you can do to improve your situation.

Once you have your results; check back here to see what your color represents.

(Please note that your personality style however is unique. It's composed of a blend of all four colors. The purpose of the test is to figure out what your basic color is and how to make you thrive at work.)

Follow the link now:

Blue Personality: Analyzer/Organizer

A Blue personality uses its five physical senses to access information. An emotionally driven personality, you need to be liked and accepted. It is one of the "needs" that can cause apprehension in your personality. You are a polite, cooperative person who seeks to create conflict-free surroundings. You possess highly developed powers of observation. Family is important to you and you sometimes find yourself in the role of being a caretaker.

1. Orderliness
2. Conscientious
3. Disciplined
4. Precise
5. Thorough
6. Diplomatic with people
7. Analytical

Ideal situation
1. Being able to concentrate on detail
2. Opportunities to critique
3. Stable surroundings and procedures
4. Exact job description, expectations
5. Opportunities for "careful" planning
6. Sufficient time to do things right
7. Opportunities for reassurance from authority

1. Indecisive (looking at all data)
2. Get bogged down in details
3. Rigid on the "how to's"
4. Avoids controversy
5. Low self esteem
6. Hesitant to try new things
7. Sensitive to criticism
8. Can be pessimistic

Needs others to provide
1. Quick decision making
2. Optimism
3. Help in persuading others

Personal growth area
1. Be more open with their feelings
2. Be more optimistic

Green Personality: Helper/Supporter

A strong Green individual lives in a world of intangibles where hopes, dreams and emotions are most important. You look at the big picture, are not detail oriented, and like to explore possibilities and alternative ways of doing things. You march to your own drummer and frequently find it difficult to get on the same wavelength as others. This often puts pressure on your relationships. You have a rich vivid imagination and thrive in an atmosphere that encourages the use of your creative abilities and talent. Your intuition is highly developed and you seem to be able to sense what others are feeling.

1. Supportive
2. Agreeable
3. Loyal
4. Self control
5. Consistent
6. Good listener
7. Opportunity to develop personal relationships

Ideal situation
1. Sincere appreciation by others
2. Minimal conflict between people
3. Security
4. Acknowledgement of work by others
5. Limited territory
6. Traditional procedures
7. Opportunity to develop personal relationships

1. Resist change
2. Trouble making deadlines
3. Overly lenient with people
4. Procrastinates
5. Indecisive
6. Holds grudges
7. Overly possessive
8. Lacks initiative

Needs others to provide
1. Push to try new challenges
2. Help in solving difficult problems
3. Initiative and accepting change

Personal growth area
1. Facing confrontation and dealing with it
2. Moving at a faster pace and initiating

Red (Orange) Personality: Leader/Promoter

A dominant Red score indicates life’s experiences must make sense to you. You are logical, practical and do not display emotions easily. Because of your desire for structure, you seek control of both your environment and people, and are sometimes seen by others as domineering. You are punctual and may become irritated if you think your time is being wasted. A natural leader, you are driven by the need for power and control. What stresses you is lack of organization and last minute changes.

1. Getting immediate results
2. Making quick decisions
3. Persistence
4. Solving problems
5. Taking charge
6. Looking self reliant
7. Accepting challenges

Ideal situation
1. New varied activities
2. Opportunity to really get things done
3. Continual challenges, multi-tasker
4. Difficult assignments
5. Freedom to act from their instinct
6. Control over the situations
7. Direct answers from others, no innuendoes

1. Insensitivity towards others
2. Impatient
3. Overlook risks
4. Inflexibilty, demanding of others
5. Talks too much
6. Inattentive to details at times
7. Resenting of restrictions

Needs others to provide
1. Attention to routine tasks
2. Caution
3. Focus on details and facts

Personal growth area
1. Greater patience
2. Sensitivity to others' needs
3. Flexibility

Yellow Personality: Creator/Performer

Yellows are self-confident personalities who will challenge anything and everything; authority, rules and established ways of thinking. This tendency to question everything can create a strained atmosphere in both business and personal situations. You are interested in theories, abstractions, innovations and change. You are a conceptual deep thinker and enjoy getting "lost in your head" as a way of exploring new ideas and looking for innovative ways to make a difference. You are a true "out-of-the-box" visionary and adept at multi-tasking. Searching for the hidden meanings behind every day life gives you great pleasure.

1. Optimsm
2. Enthusiasm
3. Makes good impressions
4. Verbally articulate
5. Likes to help others
6. Creates entertaining climate

Ideal situation
1. Friendly warm environment
2. Freedom from control
3. Public recognition of ability
4. Opportunity to talk
5. Positive reinforcement
6. Enthusiastic response to ideas

1. Following through
2. Overestimating results
3. Misjudging capabilities
4. Talks too much
5. Acts impulsively
6. Jumps to conclusions
7. Over commits
8. Acts first, thinks second

Needs others to provide
1. Follow through on details
2. Focus on tasks
3. Logical approach

Personal growth area
1. Time awareness
2. Objectivity in decision making

- How we see ourselves – how others see us:
Gold Personality:

Things that frustrate golds:
Things golds do to frustrate others:
·Control freak
·Lack of planning
·Being bossy and controlling
·Lack of discipline
·Working long hours
·Being obsessive
·High risk taking
·Being judgmental
·Illegal behavior
·Planning for everything

Blue Personality:
Things that frustrate blues:
Things blues do to frustrate others:
·Lack of planning
·Being passive
·Personal rejection
·Avoiding conflict
·Lack of communication
·Suppressing problems
·Lack of close friends
·Being too generous
·Being overly sentimental

Orange Personality:
Things that frustrate oranges:
Things oranges do to frustrate others:
·Rules and laws
·Ignoring rules
·Same routine
·Being undisciplined
·Lack of planning
·Being quick-tempered
·Lack of adventure
·Thinking out loud
·Too much structure
·Impulse buying

Green Personality:
Things that frustrate greens:
Things greens do to frustrate others:
·Not being sociable
·Living in the future
·Being wordy
·Illogical arguments
·Blowing up when criticized
·Social functions
·Not going with the flow
·Being to independent


1.) Write a response about your results in your notebook under your colour personality description
2.) buy a notebook
3.) join the website

Monday, September 10, 2012

Homework check: Share your responses with a partner & also share with the class.
1.) Where good ideas come from? Steven Johnson

2.) Personality Worksheet - open the document underneath, read it carefully, follow the instructions, and answer the questions in your notebook:

3.) Philip Zimbardo - The Secret Powers of Time
(are you past oriented or future oriented?)

4.) If there is time, work on the Handout

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1.) Finish Personality Test document from yesterday - answer the questions in your notebook

2.) Work on the Personality Quiz handout

3.) Zimbardo video - The Secret Powers of Time

4.) Work on this test:

Multiple Intelligences Test

Wednesday, Sept 12, 2012

1.) Review the Powers of Time video by Phil Zimbardo

2.) Create a mindmap to organize all the information you have gathered about yourself over the last week (personality, multiple intelligences, quizes,tests, colours, videos, etc.)
Please use one of the websites from this webpage:

3.) Once completed, embed your mindmap in the Wiki (you need to join the wiki to embed). Use the Who I Am page.
4.) Interesting Articles to read:
Why Civic Engagement Must Be Better Than Just "Good Stuff"

Why Men Fail

5.) Check the Assignment Log page for due dates

Thursday, Sept 13, 2012

1.) Time to work on Mind Maps
2.) Multiple Intelligences & Creativity - Relating them to our education and careers:

3.) Use this video to define what Multiple Intelligences are to use in your Mind Maps:

Friday, September 14, 2012

1.) Finish up your Digiatl Mind Maps & Embed on the Website

- Projects are Due on Monday - Must be embeded by then- Notebooks are Due on Tuesday - Show me your work so far.

2.) Watch CBC Doc: Are We Digital Dummies?

3.) When or if, you finish embedding your project:

- Read these & take notes (important facts, or things that make you go hmm) in your notebook (write down a title and date):

Tuesday, Sept 18, 2012

1.) Review Mind Map projects - write down your reflections about the whole process (technology, personal information), what worked, and what didn't, what you liked and what you didn't.

2.) Class round table - share your thoughts with the class

3.) Are We Digital Dummies? - video
- take notes in your notebook: interesting facts, examples & new information

Wednesday, Sept 19, 2012

1.) Finish video & share our new information from the video

2.) Career Cruising Assignment (open this document):

- Follow the instructions & complete the 116 (!!!) questions online
- Once you have chosen ONE career, tell me so I can record it - this career will be the topic for your presentation based on the next set of questions on the assignment sheet (#1-14) - SKIP question 13. The webpage has changed.
- Your presentation can be in the format of any online program you choose (some examples are Prezi, Voicethread, Animoto)

3.) Living 30 Days on Minimum Wage - Video


Thursday, Sept 20, 2012

Quote I could not remember yesterday about social media & our online personalities:
12 year old on fitting-in vs. belonging: "If I get to be me, I belong. If I have to be like you, it's fitting in."

1.) Post an answer to my discussion question on the Personal Inventory Project page
- the discussion button is on the top right side of the page beside the edit button (hunt for it)

2.) Continue on your Career Presentation

- here is a list of Web 2.0 tools to create your presentation.

3.) 30 Days on Minimum Wage - video we did not get to yesterday

4.) Relevant articles about careers:

6 Rules That Should Be Guiding Your Career

What Mitt Romney Doesn't Get About Responsibility

The Rx for Innovation

Friday, Sept 21, 2012

1.) Continue with your Career Presentation

2.) By the end of class you should have at least picked a career and a presentation tool

3.) Presentations will be on Wednesday, Sept 26 and Thursday, Sept 27 - I will pick names out of a hat on Monday for the presentation order

Monday, Sept 24th, 2012

- Continue working on your Careers Presentation

Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2012

1.) Last day to work on you Careers Presentation

2.) Embed your presentation in the Careers Presentation page

3.) Read the following articles & take notes in your notebook - interesting facts & relevant info:

Wednesday, Sept 26th, 2012

1.) I found several sources on Dennis Prager's philosophy on happiness (discussed in class yesterday):

Who Is Happy?

2.) Finally! 30 Days on Minimum Wage video

3.) Tomorrow:

Guest Speaker - the Gap Year

What do you think about this article?

The Gap Year Comes to Canada

4.) Presentations for your Career Presentations will be held on Monday and Tuesday next week

- we will draw names tomorrow to decide which day each student will present
- Please embed presentations on the Career Presentation page by Sunday night

Thursday, Sept 27th, 2012

1.) Latitude: Global Volunteering presentation

- In your notebooks: write a personal reflection about the Latitude presentation (Would you do this? Why or why not, what would you do instead? Where? What type of volunteering interests you? What are the benefits and drawbacks to taking a "gap year"?

2.) Work on your Career presentation

3.) When finished embedding your project:

- complete any prior work from the past week in your notebook: articles, videos, and reflections

Friday, Sept 28, 2012

1.) Finish up any past work from this week:
- Embed Career Presentation by Sunday night - presentations on Monday & Tuesday
- Read and take notes on articles
- watch and take notes on videos
- hand in your notebook
- embed Personal Mindmap
*Progress reports next week!!

Next week:

- Presentations on Monday & Tuesday
- Bucket List
- Resume (bring a copy if you already have one)

Monday, Oct 1, 2012 - Wednesday, Oct 3, 2012

After Presentations:

1.) Reflection Questions:
- How would you do this differently next time? How could you improve? Which presentation stood out to you and why?

2.) Body Language video:

3.) Bucket List - Partner share

Tuesday, Oct 9, 2012

1.) Hand in notebooks for me to mark First Notebook Check

2.) Trouble shoot last of the Career Projects - Embedding & Presenting

3.) Resume-Building - Purpose, Components, Info, Visual

- 36 Beautiful Resume Ideas

- Resume Objective Statement

Here's my example:

File Not Found
File Not Found

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012

1.) Last of the Career Project Presentations Brenden, and Lucia

2.) Finish resume from yesterday

3.) Cover Letters - Look at these article & write your own:

- 5 Job Application Cover Letter Disasters

- Cover Letter Tips

- Cover Letter Types & Samples

4.) Things that make you go hmm...

After viewing, write a reflection in your Notebook (use the title of the video for your title):

- What does the video make you think about?
- Do you agree? Why or why not?
- What would you do?

5.) Read this Time Management Article

- take notes in your notebook
- Answer these questions: How is your time management? What would you do differently?

6.) One more article...

- I found this interesting. Let me know what you think (in your notebooks)

You're Probably Not Very Good at Most Things

Thursday, Oct 11, 2012

1.) Guest Speaker from Volunteer Victoria

2.) Progress Reports - Even one INC will result in an INC for a final mark - Complete assignments and hand them in!!

Reminder: Bring in your signed permission forms for the Canadian University Events next week

Friday, Oct 12, 2012

1.) Finish resumes & cover letters

2.) Read the articles from Wednesday & take notes

3.) Career Options (What does the future look like?):

- Canada's Hottest Jobs

- Most In-Demand Jobs in Canada

- Top Jobs for 2012 and Beyond

Monday, Oct 15, 2012

1.) Finish and email me your resumes & cover letters

2.) How much would my schooling cost? Assignment

Take your career from your presentations and find out how much your education would cost:
1.) Tuition, and books from a local university
2.) Compare the costs of several universities
3.) add the cost of living to go away to school (rent, food, transportation, etc.)

- Write all your information neatly in your notebook
- Use google to find universities, and other relevant info

Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

1.) Independent Research - Search and write down the answers to these questions in your notebooks:

- What are MOOCs?
- Give 3 examples.
- How are they evolving?
- Will they revolutionlize Higher Education? Why and how?
- Will they replace traditional instruction? Why or why not?

2.) Resume & Cover Letter Partner Share

3.) Worktime:

- Resume & Cover Letters
- Post-Secondary Tuition Assignment

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012

(Cross your fingers. Hopefully no technical difficulties today.)

1.) Lucia's Career Presentation

2.) Job Interviews (Take notes on the critical information from these articles):

- Preparing for a Job Interview
- The Most Important Job Interview Question

3.) Work time:

- finish Resumes & Cover Letters - email them to me (
- Post-Secondary Tuition Assignment (from Monday) - Answers in notebooks
- MOOCs Answers (from Tuesday) - in notebooks

4.) Extra MOOCs information:

- EdX for Online Courses
- BC to lead Canada in Offering Students Free, Open textbooks
- MOOC and You're Out of a Job
- The Case for Free Post-Secondary Tuition

5.) Things That Make You Go Hmm...

- Is Fearing Failure a Good Thing?

- 50 Blogs About College Worth Bookmarking

6.) Digital Citizenship:

- Amanda Todd

- Daniel Cui:

Thursday, Oct 18, 2012

1.) Job Interviews:

Overview of Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviews:

2.) Work Time:

- finish any work from this week

3.) Reminder:

- I will mark Resumes and Cover Letters tomorrow
- Homework Check #2 next week
- Second Progress Reports coming next week

Monday, Oct 22, 2012

1.) Work Time

2.) CBC Documentary:

Sext Up Kids - About Digital Citizenship, Healthy Relationships, and understanding Media and Ourselves

3.) Amanda Todd's Mother Talks About Her Life With Her Daughter - Vancouver Sun article

Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012

1.) Oops.

Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012

1.) How to Write Down Your Skills on your Resume

2.) Vocabulary in Your Notebooks - I will give you a list

3.) Budgeting:

Find the 3 Steps to Budgeting and write them down in your notebook:

4.) Go through the Lifestyle Reality Check Budgeting Tool:

5.) Answer the following questions in your notebook after completing the Budget Reality Check:

- What did you learn about your spending habits?
- What do you need to change and why?
- How would you go about making these changes?

Thursday, Oct 25, 2012

1.) Money Mentality Assignment: 5 Types of Money Personalities - Worksheet

2.) Budgeting Assignment - Warm Up & Stretch, It's a Doozy

3.) Received your Resume via email - edit and make changes

Friday, Oct 26, 2012

1.) Budgeting Assignment - Continue

2.) Hand in Notebooks for Notebook Check #2 - out of 35 marks (35 notebook entries since Check #1)

Monday, Oct 29, 2012

1.) Broke Athletes - ESPN Documentary:
- Link to how we spend, budget, and strain to make ends meet

2.) Continue with Budget Assignment

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012

1.) Resume Review

- Transferrable Skills info sheet
- Sample Resumes

2.) Work time

3.) Universities Event in the Theatre

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012

1.) Sorry I am away

2.) Finish your Budget Assignments

3.) Summarize the following articles in your notebook:

7 College Skills That Really Matter on a Resume

The History of Film - Just kidding, but play around with the infographic. Pretty cool!


- notebooks need to be handed in by tomorrow
- resumes need to be email to me by tomorrow
- Budget Assignment due on Friday


- We will watch "Broke" tomorrow in room 217

Thursday, Nov 1, 2012

ESPN 30 for 30 - Broke

Friday, Nov 2, 2012

Catch Up Day (End of Term 1):

1.) Hand in notebooks for the second check
2.) Embed projects from Term 1
3.) email Resume
4.) Hand in Budget Assignment

Monday, Nov 5, 2012

1.) Term 2 has started!!

2.) Marine Industry Expo tomorrow - 9:30 to 11:00 (meet at 9am in front of the school)

3.) Suicide Prevention Presentation tomorrow - Take the Pre-Survey

4.) Health Unit mini research:
- research a health topic of your choice during this class (the who, what, when, where, why, and how) and be prepared to share your findings with several classmates
- examples include: smoking, caffeine, stress, anxiety, effects of video games, etc, etc.
- post a link of one of your research articles in the Student Resources page in the wiki

Tuesday, Nov 6, 2012


Suicide Awareness Presentation

Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012

1.) Notebook Reflection on the Suicide Awareness Presentation
- what did you learn?
- what did you already know?
- what did you find interesting?

2.) Partner Share - from your reflection

3.) Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns:

4.) Partner Share

5.) Marine Industry Expo

Canadian Coast Guard

Thursday, Nov 8, 2012

1.) "It Gets Better" written reflection in notebooks

2.) Partner Share - reflections & contents of Bucket List from several weeks ago

3.) The Pursuit of Happyness - Fill out the worksheet as you watch & think of how this film relates to the themes we have studied in the term 1

Friday, Nov 9, 2012

Remembrance Day theme

1.) Assembly today - Reflection in notebooks:

2.) My Background

3.) A Very Long Engagement - Trench Warfare in WWI:

Tuesday, Nov 13, 2012

1.) Finish The Pursuit of Happyness

Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012

1.) Canada Food Guide Assignment

Thursday, Nov 15, 2012

1.) Term 1 Students' Self-Assessments for Progress Reports

2.) What Are You Eating? - Restaurant Food Project

Here's the link:

Schoolhouse Rock

Friday, Nov 16, 2012

1.) Progress Reports - Student's Self-assessments on Term 1

2.) The Great Food Revolution - Episode 4

Monday, Nov 19, 2012

1.) Finish The Great Food Revolution & Reflection

2.) Fast Food Meal - Group Share activity

We didn't get to this: (we will do this sometime this week)
3.) TED Talk - Matt Killingsworth - Want to be Happier?

- Track your Happiness

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012

1.) Create Marking Criteria for the Health Unit Video Group Projects

Here's the criteria sheet:

2.) Start Brainstorming with your group

- I am hearing ideas such as Depression, Binge Drinking, Smoking (good start so far)

- Make sure you narrow your topic, to avoid it being too broad.

3.) Due Date? We need to have a discussion about this

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012

First full class to work on your group projects

Thursday, Nov 22, 2012

Computer Issues today. Wiki is working.

1.) Watch the following & take notes in your notebook:

CBC Documentary - Faking the Grade

Monday, Nov 26, 2012

1.) Review the video from Thursday - What did we learn, What did you find interesting?

2.) Watch the following on your own time & take notes in your notebook:

TED Talk - Dan Ariely - Why We Think It's Okay to Cheat & Steal (Sometimes)

3.) Work with your group on the video project for the rest of class

Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012

1.) Ric Elias TED Talk - 3 Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

2.) Write a reflection in your notebook about the questions Ric Elias poses at the end of the video

- What would you do differently in your life?

3.) Video Project - work time

- work with your group

4.) Before the class is over, 1 person from your group needs to send me an email stating the following:

- names of members of your group
- Topic chosen
- Jobs/Duties of all group members
- Style of video - the type of theme or skit (ex. infomercial, Fairytale, newscast, etc.)
- What you are trying to tell the world - importance, relevance, reason why this topic is important

Wednesday, Nov 28, 2012

1.) Carry on Carryin' On - Some good work going on with the Video Projects: Is that your group?

- Scripts should be done by now and filming should be taking place
- Let me know if I can help

Thursday, Nov 29, 2012

1.) watch the new update on my home page - Video of the Week

2.) Interesting Articles:

- Forget the Resume...

- The Death of the Resume

3.) Keep on Truckin' - on your Video Projects

- Scripts & Filming

Friday, Nov 30, 2012

1.) Video Projects - Filming

2.) Reassess Due date - Monday, Dec 3?

Monday, Dec 3, 2012

Presenter - Staying Alive After 5 - Workplace Safety for Youth

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012

How are our video projects going?

Wednesday, Dec 5, 2012

1.) Last day to work on video projects

Due Date:
- Embed on the wiki page by Monday, Dec 10, 2012

2.) Articles of Interest (take notes in your notebook please):

A Better Way to Plan Your Career

8 Things Remarkably Successful People Do

How College Students Use Smartphones

Thursday, Dec 6, 2012

1.) Take notes on the articles from yesterday (above)

2.) Worksafe Wrap-up Activity

3.) Group time - Video Projects

For Interest Sake:

16 Reasons You Should Never Be Afraid to Fail

Friday, Dec 7, 2012

1.) Group time?

2.) Computer access may be limited because of the new network going in

3.) Video?

Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Topic: Stress & Stressors

1.) Stress Inventory - create a list in your notebooks about the different stresses in your life (what causes your stress?)

2.) Watch the following video & take notes in your notebooks:

3.) Read the following article & take notes:

4.) After reading the article & watching the video:

Reassess your list and divide your stresses into 4 different categories:

- Body
- Mind
- Behaviour
- Emotions


Notice the symptoms associated with the different stresses in your life from the image above.

While the widespread perception has always been that stress induces a vast array of health problems — everything from anxiety to fatigue – researchers from Penn State University say that it’s actually the way people react to potentially stressful situations that determines whether they will suffer adverse health effects in the future.
“Our research shows that how you react to what happens in your life today predicts your chronic health conditions and 10 years in the future, independent of your current health and your future stress,” said David Almeida, professor of human development and family studies at Penn State. “For example, if you have a lot of work to do today and you are really grumpy because of it, then you are more likely to suffer negative health consequences 10 years from now than someone who also has a lot of work to do today, but doesn’t let it bother her.” (Huffington Post)

Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

Topic: Body Image & Self-Esteem

1.) Partner Questions

2.) Killing Us Softly 4 - Video

3.) Reflection Questions

.) Website with lots of information:


Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

Presenter: Alcoholics Anonimous

- Take notes in your notebook

Thursday, Dec 13, 2012

Presenter: Crystal Clear Drug Prevention

- Take notes in your notebook

Friday, Dec 14, 2012

1.) Watch Group Projects

2.) Finish Killing Me Softly 4 video

3.) Video Reflection in notebooks

Monday, Dec 17, 2012

1.) Hip Hop: Beyond the Beats & Rhymes

Tuesday, Dec 18, 2012

1.) Island Sexual Health Presentation

- please take notes

Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012

1.) Progress Reports - Work on any assignments over due

2.) Importance of a Positive Self-Image Assignment - follow the instructions on the worksheet and website provided

3.) View Health Unit Group Video Projects

Thursday, Dec 20, 2012

1.) Day 2 - Island Sexual Health Presentation

Friday, Dec 21, 2012

Last Day Before Holidays!!

Schedule for the day:

Period A 8:30 – 9:10 am
Period B 9:15 – 9:55 am
Period C 10:00 – 10:40 am
Period D 10:45 – 11:25 am
Assembly & Line Dancing - 11:30am

Monday, Jan 7, 2013

1.) Welcome Back!!

2.) 3 Big things to keep in mind as you prepare for exams:

- Sleep
- Nutrition
- Exercise

3.) Review & Finish Body Image topic

- Video - Body Image for Boys

- Reflection question in notebook

4.) Preview Mental Health Assignment

Tuesday, Jan 8, 2013

1.) Mental Health Assignment

- Gather info on Mental Health topic
- Create a presentation

2.) Worktime

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2013

1.) Continue with Mental Health Assignment

2.) View this:

Thursday, Jan 10, 2013

Last day to work on Mental Health Presentations

- Please embed on to the Project Page for Friday

Friday, Jan 11, 2013

Here are your grades:
(Hand in all the INC by the end of next week)
Planning 10 Jan 2013.JPG

Monday, Jan 14, 2013

Mental Health Project Presentations today!!

Credit & Investing Unit - website to give you knowledge and understanding:




Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013

Money & Credit Lesson

1.) Vocabulary from the Green Chic video:

Credit --
A loan of money that is given to a borrower for a specified amount and a specified period of time.

Credit card --
A plastic card with an assigned account number, which enables the holder to purchase goods or services and receive cash on credit.

Credit risk --
The risk that a borrower may not repay a loan on time, or at all.

Interest rate --
The cost of using the money provided by a loan, credit card, or line of credit, usually expressed as a percentage over a period of time. Interest also refers to the income, figured as a percentage of the original loan or principal.

APR --
Abbreviation for Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is basically the cost of credit, or how much you must pay to get a loan, on a yearly basis. The APR is expressed as a percentage, and it reflects the interest rate, as well other fees and charges. APRs can vary widely from one credit card to another.

Credit limit --
The maximum amount of money a credit card holder is allowed to borrow using the credit card.

Credit Rating - Government of Canada Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA)

2.) It Costs What?! Online Game

First, Open this website

Then, navigate through the 3 sections of the game on the right hand side:
1.) Credit Card Primer
2.) Case Files
3.) Choosing and Using a Credit Card

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013

1.) Review the Credit Score Handout from yesterday - Part 1 & 2

2.) Credit Card Company Handout

3.) Study Skills:

Answer the following questions by looking at the websites below:

A.) List several of the Effective Habits for Effective Studying that you already use when you study and explain how you use them.

B.) List several of the Effective Habits for Effective Studying that you would like to work on to improve your study skills.

C.) Describe the A.S.P.I.R.E system and explain how you could use it for studying for your final exams.

D.) Describe the Index Study System and explain which of the two systems you would prefer to use and why.

E.) Click on the Home Page of the website to check out more options for study skills. Which other categories were useful for you?

Effective Habits for Effective Studying

A.S.P.I.R.E Study System

Index Study System

Multiple Choice Tests

Essay Exam

Thursday, Jan 17, 2013

Mortgages & Loans

1.) Finish up any work from the last two days. See above.

2.) follow the links below to find a home to buy and figure out how much of a loan you would need from the bank and what your monthly mortgage would be:

What are mortgages?

Look for a home to buy

In your notebook, write down the mortgages of several homes to compare, and several interest rates and years of your mortgage:

Mortgage Calculator

How much house can you afford?

Only 30% of your income should go towards your morgage

United States Mortgage Crisis

Watch the last 6 minutes of the clip from Tuesday:

Friday, Jan 18, 2013

The last of the Mental Health Presentations

Monday, Jan 21, 2013

1.) Catch up on past projects

2.) Organize notebooks to get ready to hand in

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013

I am sorry I am away again. I am hoping to be at school on Wednesday. Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

1.) Wayne White biography:

Trailer from PBS

This is my vote to watch on the last class of the year. It encompasses many of the lessons we have learned this semester, plus it is very entertaining and interesting.

2.) Finish any projects or assignments that are over due

3.) Be ready to hand in notebooks on Wednesday

4.) Work on any homework or study for other classes

5.) Use your time wisely.

6.) Reminders:

- Wednesday is the last regular school day
- Thursday: 9-11 am Period 1 & 1-3 pm Period 3
- Friday: 9-11 am Period 2 & 1-3 pm Period 4

Wednesday, Jan 23, 2013

1.) Very Last Reflection!!

- What was your favourite thing you learned this semester and why?

2.) Hand in notebooks - how many entries should you have in your notebooks from the last notebook check?

3.) Check out these websites:

- Sleep
- How to Energize Your Day
- 12 Things You Should Never Stop Doing

4.) See me about your overdue assignments & projects

5.) Study for exams - Good Luck!

6.) Next Class?

7.) Updated marks:

Friday, Jan 25, 2013

Final Class!!

1.) Beauty is Embarrassing: The Wayne White Story

Here's an interview with Wayne and the director of the documentary: