Educational Technology & other Topics to Explore:

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International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE):

National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)

- Standards for learning, teaching, and leading in the digital age:

Teachers - Standards & Performance Indicators
Students - NETS for Students

Excellent Resource - NETSS Implementation Wiki


1.) iPads

10 Biggest Questions About iPads in the Classroom

Why Tablets are Important for Educating Our Children

iPad Learning Objectives

Uses in the Classroom

Questions to Ask Before Using iPads in your Classroom

Results in an iPad Classroom

iPad Implementation

Socials - Timeline App

Educreations App - Create and share video lessons

88 Best Apps for Mobile Learning

iPad Uses for All Subjects

Poetry Apps

2.) Blogs

- What is a Blog & other useful links

20 Blogs That Will Make you a Better School Leader

Create a Blog with Wordpress

3.) Websites/Wikis

How Can I Use a Wiki in My Classroom?

How to use a Wiki

Reynolds Wiki Workshop

The Classroom Webpage

4.) Web 2.0 Tools (Presentation Tools)

Mindmapping Tools

Transformative Tools?

Timeline Creation Tools

Skype in the Classroom

Infographic Tools

Creaza Education







5.) Google

Google Drive for Teachers

Google Forms

6.) Mobile Devices

BYOD - Bring your own device

How to Make BYOD Work at Your School

7.) Music

Soundslice - Sync tabs with videos

Jam with Chrome

8.) Organization/Productivity

Evernote 5 for Macs

9.) Moodle

What Makes a Good Moodle Course?

Create Your Own Course

How To Build Your Course in Moodle

Social Media:

Digital Footprint - George Couros

Digital Footprint Activity

Growing Together With Social Media - Slideshare powerpoint

1.) Twitter

100 Simple Ways to Use Twitter

Follow People from This List

What Should a Teacher Tweet About?

2.) Facebook

Facebook Groups for Teachers

3.) Peer Tutoring Online

4.) Pinterest

5.) Personalized Learning Network

The Power of a PLN

21st Century Education:

1.) Reimagine Learning

2.) Authentic Teaching

3.) The Best Teachers in the World - Book

5.) Tips for Teachers to be Connected

6.) Teaching to Those Ready to Learn

7.) Unbored: The Essential Guide to Serious Fun

8.) Creativity

9.) Innovative Learning Designs

10.) Inspiring the Next Generation of Thinkers

11.) How to Help Wired Students Learn to Focus

12.) Constructivism

13.) Fostering an Innovative Culture

14.) Collaborative Problem Solving

15.) Blended Learning

Independent Learning:

1.) Student-Centred Learning

Peer Tutoring Online

Introducing Genius Hour

1.) The Flipped Classroom

and the Real World

How to Flip Your Classroom

2.) Inquiry-Based or Project-Based Learning

In-Depth Learning

Example of Inquiry-Based Learning

10 Step Plan for Project-Based Learning

Genius Hour

3.) Assessments

Problem Attic


Informal Feedback - Polls in the Classroom

Leaving Grades Behind

Flubaroo - Grading Made Easy through Google Forms

When Grading is Degrading